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“Due to its agility and reach, the world of digital is a marketer’s dream, and the pandemic has only thrust the need for engagement to take place in the digital world further into the spotlight.”

John Arvanitakis

They say adversity breeds innovation, and we’re here to prove it in the online and digital events space! The world of meetings and events has gone from glamorous venues and posh boardrooms to the cozy confines of the internet and apps you use from your living room. Basically, we’ve gone from ‘let’s meet at the corner café’ to ‘join my living room meeting,’ and it’s safe to say it’s a whole new ball game.

But here’s where it gets interesting – Chat’r isn’t here to just keep up; we’re leading the change in online and digital events that go way beyond the living room! With powerful cutting-edge technology, we’ve crafted an all-in-one business event solution that can take high-impact meetings, of all shapes and sizes, and put them virtually anywhere you can dream of.

In fact, we call it Chat’r TV, your one-stop shop for all things online and digital events. We’re talking executive brainstorming sessions in your PJs to massive 10,000-delegate congresses, exhibitions, and trade shows that’ll make you rethink reality itself. It’s an entirely new era of innovative solutions for your online events, and Chat’r TV is leading the way.

Innovative solutions are our bread and butter. Chat’r TV? It’s the grand stage where progressive digital events take center stage, making your wildest online event dreams a reality.

Now, check out the goods we bring to the table for interactive multimedia events:

  • We’ve got green screen studios that make Hollywood jealous.
  • Professional webinars that’ll make you the star of your own show.
  • Live 3D virtual studios that’ll teleport you to a new world.
  • Photo-realistic virtual events that’ll make you question what’s real.
  • Virtual reality venues where the only limit is your imagination.
  • Exhibition gamification that turns events into epic adventures.

And, because we like to go big, for those who want to scale up their presentations, we’ve got professional Chat’r TV studio sets in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

But wait, there's more!

Your digital design and development needs aren’t confined to the world of online and social media anymore. Nope, today, it’s all about having a complete digital and e-commerce solution for your brand or business. And guess what? Offline activations are the turbo boosters that drive online conversations into overdrive! Therefore, we don’t just create experiences; our team of digital strategists is like the secret sauce, cooking up strategic #tags, prompts, and activations that’ll have the internet buzzing about you.

So, if you’re ready to kick your digital game up a notch (or five), welcome to the Chat’r TV era, where innovation meets the internet.

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